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BoS (Balance of System) refers to the components and equipment that move DC energy produced by solar panels through the conversion system which in turn produces AC electricity. Most often, BoS refers to all components of a PV system other than the modules. In addition to inverters and racking, this includes the cables or wires, switches, enclosures, fuses, ground fault detectors, and more. BoS applies to all types of solar applications like commercial, residential, agricultural, public facilities and solar parks.

So, BoS encompasses a wide variety of components ranging from a small nut and bolt to large items such as inverters, cables and transformers or as different a task such as civil or erection works. Each in itself requires a complex project management process to optimise the outcome in terms of cost, time and performance, if looked independently. Also, as with any complex system / process, the marginal return on the invested time and effort may not be justified for micro-managing each and every component.
“With module prices are fixed for project, effective procurement strategies for BOS are crucial to control overall project cost, as BoS is a pretty substantial part of overall cost of project. SIKCO is manufacturer of several BoS items like MMS, Earthing and LA system.

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