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Two types of Solar Water Heaters are available; one based on flat plate collectors and the other based on evacuated tube collectors. Flat plate collector (FPC) based systems are of metallic type and have longer life as compared to Evacuated tube collector (ETC) based system because ETCs are made of glass which are of fragile in nature. Both these systems are available with and without heat exchanger. They can also work with and without pump. Systems without pump are known as Thermosyphon systems and those with pump are known as forced circulation systems.
The main part of the Solar Water Heating System is the Flat Plate Collector or in common ‘PANEL’. Metallic strip (mainly of Copper) is coated with thin layers of Nickel and Chromium, which is called as Solar Selective Coating. This selective coating ensures highest degree of absorption of Solar Heat and least possible emission of the same. This results in optimal utilization of the Solar Heat. There are two types of processes based on the operating methods, thermo-siphon and forced flow.
Introduction to SIKCO Solar Thermal System:
SIKCO is engaged in presenting a wide range of Solar Water Heaters at highly reasonable prices. Our Solar Water Heating Systems are highly efficient Systems generate that power at minimal price in comparison to the non-renewable sources of energy. These are completely environmental friendly and can prevent emission.
SIKCO is ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company engaged in providing and supplying a wide range of Solar Water Heating System. The range available with us includes Flat Plate Collector and Evacuated Tube Collector. Our principal’s manufacturing plant at Taloja, is furnished with latest machinery and equipment that enables us to offer a flawless range of Solar Water Heating System Parts in accordance with the international standard.
Plant quality control and testing facilities is as per ISI standard that ensure high performance of Solar Water Heating System. Our range is widely appreciated for its distinctive features such as accurate design, compact size, easy installation, fine finishing, high performance and eco- friendly. Owing to these attributes, our range of Solar Water Heating System parts is widely used in both domestic and commercial sectors across the country.
Govt. subsidy is available whenever it is applicable.


Commercial uses
Personal uses
Boiler feed water
Office,  Hospitals and Hotels
Bungalow, Week end Houses
Drying foods, fish, Garments etc
Spa, Sauna
Steam Generator
Kitchen, Cooking



 Very little maintenance is required to keep these running
·        High saving
·        Most clean way of heating
·        Most consistent power source (Conventional with renewable)
·        Noise free operation,
·        Safe, silent and easy to maintain
·        Can be used even in remote locations
·        Reduces carbon emissions
·        Life time service support



Materials: The  above  systems  consists  of  Solar  Flat  Plate Collectors / Evacuated tube  - ISI  Mark  along with  Accessories  such as Packing, Nut  Bolts  Threaded Flanges, Collector Stands, Insulated SS304 Tanks & Stands.
Airvents                               : Standard Airvent of 7 feet height is included in the Pricelist
 Interconnections              : For Domestic systems upto 500LPD included.
 Electrical Back-up heater:  For Domestic systems up to 500 LPD included.



 Piping :  Cold water piping upto our insulated tank and  insulated hot water piping from the insulated tank to the bathrooms are  not included  in the above price. Piping can be done with extra cost @ Rs.350/-/m of 15 mm GI/uPVC/HDPE, @ Rs.450/-/m of 19 mm GI/uPVC, @Rs.550/-/m of 25 mm GI/uPVC. Rs.850/-/m of 40 mm GI/uPVC/HDPE.

Additional Mild Steel Structural Work : Any additional mild steel structural work besides our standard  collector  and  tank stands  which may be required for installation of the system will be charged extra @ Rs.100/- per kg.

 Electrical Back-up heater:  For Domestic systems upto 500LPD included. For systems of higher capacity, provision is given for installation of an electrical back-up heater is provided. The same can be installed at an extra cost.

 Pumps & Controls: For forced flow systems Pumps & Controls will be charged extra.

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