The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal etc. The system requires a shadow-free area for installation of the Solar panel.

Solar Water Pumps are devices made to pump water using the energy of the sun. For rural locations that are not part of the local electricity grid, Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning generators and windmills. They require no fuel deliveries and very little maintenance.

Typical uses for solar pumps include:

  • Fountain pumps
  • Pool pumps
  • Transfer pumps
  • Circulation pumps in ponds
  • Providing water for livestock
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Home pumps

As you may know there are, different kinds of solar powered water pumps, depending on purpose. Here we explain the different types of pumps as well as the components included in a solar water pumping system.

What is a Solar Water Pump?

More correctly a solar water pumping system consisting of three main components:

  • A solar module (panel(s)) which provide the power
  • A controller which controls the system
  • A pump unit which is actually a pump coupled to a motor.

A solar module can be mounted almost anywhere, but it should face in a northerly direction (in Australia). If you are planning to use solar pumping on a farm the modules and pump controller should be mounted on a raised pole and fenced off, in order to help keep them out of range of animals. Animals can cause significant damage to the system if any of its components are mounted too low and in a place accessible to the animals.

The control box regulates the functions of the pump and responds to inputs from sensors such as low water level or tank full.

Lastly the “pump” which is actually a pump directly coupled to a motor. Depending on type, these units can be placed above ground or submerged in a bore creek or dam.

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