India’s Largest Integrated Marketplace

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 Search Engine & Marketplace

Tag line

India’s Largest Integrated Marketplace




To raise funding


1.  Looking investment under  equity swap or

2.  13% Return on Investment (ROI), Min.10 Lakhs

Investment model

INR 01 (One) crore  for  05% equity

Tentative valuation  in      2020-21

20 crores

Seeking Invest Amount

INR 10-30 Crores

Type of Industry

eCommerce, eBusiness, eMarketplace

Business Model

Seller registration + Advertising + Revenue from news + Transaction charges + Trust Seal + Value additions + Franchise fees

Total Districts to be covered


Total Taluka to be covered 


Proposed No of Franchisees


Proposed  Employments

16692 (03 Employees in a Taluka in Phase 1)

Proposed Net Profits/Annum  

243.1 crores

Proposed Total Sales / Annum      

1057 crores

Proposed  Turnover / Annum

22057 crores (on pan India operation)

Registered office

Navi Mumbai


GOI e-commerce regulation complied

Parent Company

SIKCO Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Founder

Mr. Milton Sikder, a qualified chartered engineer and having MBA (Finance), a CDCS and BEE certified Energy Professional. He served Shapoorji & Pallonji, CMG as Head-MEP, Hewlett Packard as Ex. Practice Head -CFS, Tata Consultancy Services as Ex. Engineering Lead


FacilityIndia is designed and programmed to the largest e-commerce marketplace in India with its wide range of product categories and integrated services on same platform. It can be a global platform for small businesses, MSMEs, retailers catering B2B, B2C, C2C with inbuilt CRM & ERP.


SESPL also operate www.ctrlscrm.com, india’s most integrated CRM software. 


Facilityindia.com is 100% subsidized by SIKCO Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd (SIKCO). The company’s registered office and headquarter is at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. SESPL is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 for its commitment to quality, service and environment. Company has recorded a 100% growth for last 04 years and have audited balance sheet for the same. Company’s FY 2019-20 unaudited turnover is around 8 crores+. SESPL is owned by Mr. Milton Sikder and Mrs. Archana Sikder with 50% equity each.


Facilityindia.com is designed such a way that it can launch any overseas operation overnight. Company have future plan to go global on successful operation in India.





Facilityindia, e-commerce provides products and services to people for all daily needs, powered by indigenous technology and platform, and beneficial to all section of people. The platform provides economic opportunities to everyone including buyer and seller.


FacilityIndia, the platform is designed to be the global level platform to address buyer and sellers concerns and equalise uneven distribution of products. Government’s new policy, encouraged small format businesses and secured their business operation seamlessly without risk and threats and Facilityindia always keeps country first and have launched ‘one country one market™’ program nationwide to utilise resources optimally.





Facility24™ is a platform for buyers and sellers, to be online 24x7. This platform is for all sellers by showcasing their products and services, even when the physical shop is closed, but online inventory and services are always available for purchase. Facilityindia’s mission is to make all physical format shops & businesses transformed into online format. i.e. “Physical to Digital (P2D)™”


Facility360™ provides all product and services search support, online purchase & sales support for B2B, B2C, C2C and is made available on Website and Mobile instantly on each geographical location in India.



 About Management


The platform is conceptualised, designed and developed by Mr. Milton Sikder who has 24 years’ experience with world’s leading companies, is a qualified chartered engineer and having MBA (Finance) from Annamalai University. He is a Certified Energy Manager (BEE-CEM) and Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS). He was Ex Scientific Officer SO/SB, ACTREC, TMC, Dept. of Atomic Energy, Ex. Head-MEP, CMG, Shapoorji & Pallonji Co. Ltd, Ex. Practice Head-CFS, Hewlett Packard, Ex. Engineering Lead-DCP, Tata Consultancy Services.

• Website URL

  : https://www.facilityindia.com

• Company Name

  : SIKCO Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd

• Headquarter

  : SIKCO House, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410210, India

• Founder & CEO

  : Mr. Milton Sikder, AMIMechE, MBA, CDCS, CEM, DRA

• Co-Founder

  : Mrs. Archana M Sikder, B.Sc.

• Director - Planning

  : Mr. Liton Sikder, BE-Mech, DAE, Ex. CBRE

• Executive Director

  : Mr. Pankaj BK, BE-Elec, MBA, PMP, Ex. HPE, Ex. TCS

• Customer Service

  : (+91) 80 9715 9981

• E-Mail id

  : info@facilityindia.com


Contact                   :      info@facilityindia.com / ceo@facilityindia.com 

WhatsAPP               :     +91 9930026102


Portfolios of FacilityIndia


Key business verticals of the platform –

1. Physical Shop Digitalisation (PSD) 

2. Micro SMEs Online (MSO)

3. Corporate Partner Promotion (CPP) 

4. Start up Development Program (SDP) 

5. Channelizing Service Professionals (CSP)

6. CRM & ERP Solutions (CES)


1. Physical Shop Digitalisation (PSD) - Registration of all small format physical retail shops and stores. Get paid clients on listing, advertisements, manage catalogue and verify seal.

2. Small Business Digitalisation (SBD) - Small businesses need to be online to remain competitive, accessible 24x7, to keep or increase growth rate. As competition being fierce, online presence will give a huge leverage. This category includes hospitality, education, IT & Telecom, Transportation etc.

3. Corporate Product Promotion (CPP) - Corporate who have business based on products with dealers, partners, associates and retailer, may be greatly benefited with dedicated selling platform for each retailer. FacilityIndia will segregate Locality, Taluka and District for each dealer to minimise overlapping of business. Facilityindia can offer thousands of such dealers and retailers to use the same platform.

4. Entrepreneurs Development Program (EDP) - The cost-effective large retail formats unable to reach online clients even by mega store. The micro entrepreneurs (employs of less than 10 people), can start business in few hours registering products from such retails like D-mart, Reliance, Trent, Birla Retails, Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, Titan, Godrej, Provogue etc and deliver such products to client.

5. Channelizing Service Professionals (CSP) - There are hundreds of skilled service professionals are available across society and mostly are unorganized or not listed for Service providers. These sections like cook, carpenter, mason, accountant, artist, instructor etc. are the area to be taken care of by registering them.

6. CRM & ERP Solutions (CES) - CRM software helps manage sales teams, lead management, sales revenue, contract management, project management, hr management, record management, inventory management, financial management, service management and most importantly, increase customer relationships. That's where CtrlS CRM comes in, loaded with multiple features to help keeping records, maintained, and grow business.

Unique Features


·        Facilityindia is a 360° Market Search e-commerce platform (like Indiamart, Just Dial, Trade India, Sulekha etc.)

·        It is also a Market Place for products (like ShopClues, Flipkart, Amazon, Tolexo, Industry buying etc.)

·        It is also having fully operational Market Place for services (like Zomato, 99acres, practo, urban clap, house joy etc.) 

It will be the largest integrated e-commerce marketplace in India for its wide range of PRODUCT, SERVICES, VALUE ADDITIONS and functionalities.


Growth Prospects  


It is estimated the share of online retail business in India will increase to about 8% by 2030, with the total size at $170 billion. This implies a 21% compound annual growth rate


(CAGR) for online retail business over FY18-30 E, versus 15% CAGR over FY18-30 E for physical organized retailers. Over the same period, it expects the overall retail in India to grow by 9% as unorganized players lose market share," said Jefferies India.


Facilityindia just really focusing on providing unique, local, and easy to do business, 100% payment protection in business transaction to micro, small, medium and retail segments will be first time in India. We’re really re-shaping how people think about search, buy, and do business with financial risks with unknown threats, quality and uncertainty.


Facilityindia plans to cover all 700+ districts and 5000+ Taluka gradually. We are discussing with governments to spread awareness to use our platform by MSMEs, farmers and retailers. Our platform offers Taluka base mapping and pan India base mapping as well. Target to generate 01 crore revenue per Taluka per year and may grow further over period of time.



Revenue Heads


Facilityindia is offering all clients free listing. Premium listing revenue, Ad revenue, Support revenue, Verification revenue, Database selling, Buy leads revenue, Transaction revenues, Wallet revenues, CRM & ERP are main heads of our revenue model.


FacilityIndia offer all MSME LC (Letter of Credit) like facility for day to day business, can transact through “FiPay” to have LC equivalent instrument for transaction. Payment realisation in 04-06 working days for sellers. There are 100% payment protections for buyer as well. FacilityIndia expects clients from all segments like B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Consumer to Consumer), F2C (Farmer to Consumer) and F2B (Farmer to Business). 

Business Competitors 

Each E-Commerce platform have very different business models and clients. Facilities is a big space and there’s room for multiple players but facilityindia have unique business platform, it is very different from what indiamart, just dial, Oyo, Snapdeal, Bigbasket does or anyone else do.

As India is an emerging market and there is huge growth potential. We find lot of players are still to be accommodated for the need of large people and many businesses.


In Agriculture, there are Kisaantrade, Agroinfomart, enam, agriculture1 etc operating in this segment. But we facilityindia, is best and decisive. Simple and easy to do business transaction and search.


In Clean Energy segment, there are few product base traders, OEM are operating in this segment using ready availed e-commerce on single vendor platform. But Clean Energy segment, facilityindia is best, wide range and direct purchase from hundreds of verified vendors. Simple, assured pay protection and easy to do transaction.


In Consumer electronics, Retails, Grocery, we have tough competitions. There are established companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Snapdeal, Bigbasket, etc operating in this segment. But Consumer electronics, Retails, Grocery segments at facilityindia are best and decisive for fast requirements. It is designed for local retailers for quick delivery. As it is must demand of people after payment done, how fast he can get the product. Our lead time expected 30-180 minutes for major delivery after payment done successfully.


Employment Generation

Facilityindia is committed to provide employment across India to all sections of people. Facility India sees 15000+ employment opportunities in next 05 years. Facilityindia assuring at least 03 guaranteed employments from each Taluka. Our employment model will be mostly work from hometown and flexi timing on FRANCHISEE MODEL across India.


Let’s new young start up and entrepreneurs associate themselves with facilityindia and do a sustainable business.


Highlights of Platform:

Website                              : www.facilityindia.com

Application Language      :  Asp.net

Project Started                  : August 2019

Testing Started                 :  November 2019

Beta Testing                      :  Phase 1 Completed by November 2020

Cost of Development      :  Undisclosed

Effort cost                          :  Undisclosed

Cost of Seller acquisition  :  @ 100 per seller x 11000 sellers = 11 Lakhs

Website                            :  www.ctrlscrm.com

Application language     :  php

Project Soft Launched   :  April 2021

Testing Started               :  November 2020

Beta Testing                    :  Phase 1 Completed by November 2020

Cost of Development    :  Undisclosed

Effort cost                       :  Undisclosed


CtrlSCRMis one of the finest integrated CRM in India with its wide range of functionalities. It can be a global level enterprise management platform for small businesses, MSMEs, retailers catering B2B, B2C, C2C with inbuilt CRM & ERP modules.

CtrlSCRMis 100% subsidized by SIKCO Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd (SESPL). The company’s registered office and headquarter is at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. SESPL is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 for its commitment to quality, service and environment. Company has recorded a 100% growth for last 04 years.

CtrlSCRMis designed such a way that it can also register overseas clients. Company have future plan to go global on successful operation in India.

CtrlSCRMcan improve your lead conversation rate by over 3X !!


Why Choose CtrlSCRM

Build Great Relationships


Find every customer, employee, contact and communication instantly. Track your leads and automate your business process. Keeps organisation up to date setting tasks and appointments so you never miss another sale.


Foundation for Collaboration

Create effortless organisation with a centralised hub, where everything is in one place. Our cloud CRM software gives full visibility of your customer interactions and builds upon the foundation of business.

Knowledge is Power

View and track your sales from inquiry to close and automate your processes to prioritise your best leads. Gain valuable insights from your customer data with detailed reports and analysis.


Digital Evolution


Our all-in-one CRM solution includes a built-in marketing suite, letting you manage your campaigns directly from the CRM and integrate with your sales. You can generate leads directly from your website and create a data bank with all historical records.



 1.    Sales & Marketing

The CtrlS Sales CRM Tool to manage your leads, customers and prospects by keeping track of your all interactions till contract signed.


·       Lead Management

·       Contact Management

·       Proposals

·       Pipeline Management

·       Proforma Invoice

·       Campaign Management

·       Tax Invoices

·       Tasks & Calendars

·       Sales History

·       Email Integration

·       Credit notes

·       Analytics & ROI

·       Stocked items

·       Lists & Segmentation


2.    Human Resources

The CtrlS HR CRM tool to manage -


·       All employees details,

·       Pay history

·       Salary slips

·       Employee’s compensation details.



3.    Project Management

Everything your contract need to execute to manage and to monitor your project activities with time bound execution.


·       Projects

·       Tasks


4.    Service Management

Deliver great customer service making sure all support requests are dealt with efficiently and nothing gets forgotten.


5.    Contract Management

The CtrlS Contract Management keeps records of all type of Purchase order, Work order, Various important business document in order.


6.    Document Management

The CtrlS Document Management manage all vital documents in records on cloud etc. Following documents can be kept in records –


·       Bills,  Invoices, Challans

·       Project related documents

·       Important communications

·       Appointment letters

·       Various correspondences


7.    Inventory Management

The CtrlS Inventory CRM tool to manage all purchases, supplier’s details all sales customer’s details and Inventory details.


·       Category & Sub Category

·       Products

·       Part No

·       HSN code

·       GST

·       Sales price

·       MRP

·       Suppliers

·       Purchasers



8.    Financial Management

The CtrlS Financial CRM tool to manage all expenses, all purchases all sales, subscriptions & recurring details.

·       Sales

·       Expenses

·       GST Purchases

·       GST Sales


9.       Service Support

Great service can give you more than just the opportunity to make a customer happy. Turning a negative to a positive can go deeper, creating life-long relationships and brand advocacy. Our Customer Service software helps you effectively manage those relationships and keep track of your customer support.


Customer Service Software that lets you delivers

·       A fast and efficient service, where nothing gets forgotten.

·       Manage your customer service cases from opening through to closure and

·       View on one simple page.



10.       Management Information System

The CtrlS Management Information System (MIS) helps to manage all highlighted records - like leads, sales, expenses, income, time, sheets, articles etc.

·       Sales

o    Invoices Report

o    Items Report

o    Payments Received

o    Credit Notes Report

o    Proposals Report

o    Estimates Report

o    Customers Report

·       Expenses

·       Expenses vs Income

·       Leads

·       Timesheets overview

·       Knowledge bank articles


11.       Utilities

·       Media

·       Bulk PDF export

·       Calendars

·       Announcements

·       Goals

·       Activity log, Surveys, Database backup


Competitive Advantages of CtrlSCRM

Ease of use

·       Simple user interface with a minimal data entry complexity.

·       Zero set up cost and start right from day one.

·       Easy migration from spreadsheets and other CRM systems.

·       Standard format

·       Easily understood the entry mechanism by average employees

Rich Features

·       Best-in-class automation features for automating your entire business process.

·       Spend more time interacting with your customers and less on manually entering data.

·       Powerful analytics and reporting that helps you make smarter business decisions.

·       MIS reports by charts for go through

Plug and Play

·         Completely tailor made your CRM experience without writing a single line of code.

·         Effortless integration with mobile friendly business apps that you use daily.

·         Easily adaptable to meet needs of small businesses, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, etc.


 Management Information System


 Choose Pricing Plan


Need base pricing considering various level of business like Start up, Business, Enterprise. Different modules gives any business to record all information in one place with back up and can maintain business continuity.


Financial Packages


Start Up

 We Think Ahead


Special Offer



Our Best Solution

01 License

02 License

03 License

INR 200 / Month

INR 300 / Month


INR 400 / Month

?2400 / year

?3600 / year

?4800 / year


·     Sales & Marketing

·     Project Management

·     Financial Management

·     Document Management

·     Service Management

·     Contract Management

·     Inventory Management

·      Chat Support

·     Human Resources

·     MIS

·     Email Support

·      Dedicated Call Support


·     Sales & Marketing

·     Project Management

·     Financial Management

·     Document Management

·     Service Management

·     Contract Management

·     Inventory Management

·      Chat Support

·     Human Resources

·     MIS

·     Email Support

·     Dedicated Call Support



·     Sales & Marketing

·     Project Management

·     Financial Management

·     Document Management

·     Service Management

·     Contract Management

·     Inventory Management

·      Chat Support

·     Human Resources

·     MIS

·     Email Support

·      Dedicated Call Support

Note: Call us for special price for MSME, free training and demo




SIKCO House, B-97, Sector 12, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

+91 80 9715 9980 / 9930026102 (WhatsApp)   I    info@ctrlscrm.com